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Tradition and Innovation

70 years of Quality and Experience

Odenwälder Lackfabrik is proud to look back on an almost 70-year company history. Whereas our focus in the early years lay on artists’ and craftsman’s paint, our development and marketing activities have in the meantime made a fundamental shift in favour of high quality industrial coatings for the metal and wood sector.

Thanks to our specialisation in this field Odenwälder Lackfabrik’s development capacities make a targeted response to the high quality demands on surface refining in industry. Our longstanding experience both in development and production and in modern application techniques forms the basis of our decision to mainly deal with industrial coatings.

A highly motivated, experienced laboratory team, reliable, well-trained and qualified production staff, in-house and field service personnel maintain and ensure a long-term cooperation with our customers. The constant enhancement of our very high quality products and the development of new special products are among our daily challenges.

Core Competences

Quality by competence

Our longstanding experience and specialised technical knowledge enable us to supply our customers with consistently high quality. In so doing, we never fail to permanently focus on potential optimisation options.

  • Paints for industry and trade
  • Mechanical engineering and automobile construction
  • Single-coat systems
  • Corrosion protection
  • Stripcoats and foil coatings
  • Effect paints
  • Paints for tyres
  • Plastic and leather coatings
  • Individual coating systems

Research and Development

Fortschritt im Fokus

The constant enhancement of our high-quality products and the development of new, progressive special products are at the heart of everything we do. We passionately pursue the goal of creating paints, varnishes and plastic coatings which set new quality standards in the areas in which they are used on the basis of our in-depth knowledge.

We also pay special attention to optimum workability and a high and durable level of protection of the substrate. The longstanding experience of our laboratory team here makes a major contribution to the successful product innovations of Odenwälder Lackfabrik GmbH.

What greatly motivates us in everything we do is the search for solutions to the varied tasks our customers assign to us. In so doing, we always focus on our customer and his requirements, because customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our innovation. This is why we offer our customers specially adapted coating systems for various application ranges tailored to their individual application techniques.


For our company, environmental protection
are no empty phrases!

For our company, environmental protection and ecological practices are no empty phrases but signify active and best practice environmental management.

It is our policy to strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations, but we even go one step further and proactively develop increasingly environmentally friendly products. Moreover, we are committed to continually improving our practices in terms of ecological soundness in all subdivisions of our company.

In our daily work within the framework of corporate processes, we handle the resources used as gently as possible, reduce waste to a minimum and dispose of waste according to regulations. We are proud of the fact that our turnover from environmentally friendly products based on water or natural oil is steadily rising, and for good reason.


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